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Work and life are not like Yin and Yang. 

Ethereal cosmic forces that must be kept in perfect balance.

It's more like work is flour, and life is a cake.

It’s a key ingredient, but there’s so much more to it. 

And if your cake is all flour then, well, gross.

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Intern Application

The Whiskey + Work and KelseyMurphy.com brand are hiring interns!  We’re interviewing awesome ladies to join our team for the next 6-12 months.  Looking for the perfect mix of personal-development lover, relevant content curator, and seriously impressive organizer.  Read more to apply.

1. Social Media Curator/Manager  {20% Whiskey & Work, 80% KelseyMurphy.com}

  • Brand & Project Management, maintain schedules and process documents 
  • Assist in managing multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Research & Development of social media content and PR content for upcoming publications 

2. Social Media Designer {20% Whiskey & Work, 80% KelseyMurphy.com}

  • Development, design, and oversee social media content for all platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Assist in website content update & design using SquareSpace
  • Assist in designing quotes (InDesign, Photoshop, etc.)

*note: willing to provide in-depth Squarespace/InDesign course to learn the platform – but some existing knowledge is a requirement


  • Creative – an eye for great content
  • Reliable – a self-starter and able to work from home
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks – project management master
  • Excellent organizational skills – ability to always be one step ahead 
  • Eager to learn – always happy to teach you anything you don't know, but we need you to be eager to hit the ground running

Other Important Details 

  • We work to create the ideal Internship & Title for you, based off your passions and desires for next steps.
  • You'll work side by side together, so there will be opportunity to touch multiple projects based off what you want to learn. 
  • Yes, you'll get some free Career Coaching out of this - Kelsey always helps her Interns find jobs they love. 
  • What's you Major?  Doesn't matter to us as long as you feel confident learning and nailing one of the job descriptions above.
  • We look for Interns who want to stay with us for 6-12 months (10-12 hour per week). 
  • The position is unpaid, but school credit is available.
  • Intern State Date is June 1st (training begins May 15th).  

Sound perfect for you?  Apply below! 

*NOTE: You will receive next steps for applying as soon as you click submit.

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