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Work and life are not like Yin and Yang. 

Ethereal cosmic forces that must be kept in perfect balance.

It's more like work is flour, and life is a cake.

It’s a key ingredient, but there’s so much more to it. 

And if your cake is all flour then, well, gross.

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Intern Application

The Whiskey + Work and KelseyMurphy.com brand are hiring interns!  We’re interviewing awesome ladies to join our team for the next 6-12 months.  Looking for the perfect mix of personal-development lover, content designer, and seriously impressive go-getter.  Read more to apply.

1. Digital Brand Manager {20% Whiskey & Work, 80% KelseyMurphy.com}

  • Main Role: Manage, develop, and assist content & design using SquareSpace (Note: You may use any and all content for portfolio & class assignments).
  • Secondary Role: Research & Development of blog, social media, podcast, PR content from a SEO perspective (Note: Training Available for this). 
  • NOTE: Basic experience of SquareSpace platform preferred. 

2. Brand Designer {20% Whiskey & Work, 80% KelseyMurphy.com}

  • Main Role: Design brand & social media content for all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Podcasting, Coursework)
  • Assist in designing quotes (InDesign, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Secondary Role: Collect and Develop new content based on current brand assets, outdated content etc... 
  • NOTE: Basic Photoshop or InDesign experience required. 

3. Social Media Intern {20% Whiskey & Work, 80% KelseyMurphy.com}

  • Main Role: Manage, develop, and assist content for Instagram & Facebook (Twitter +Pinterest).
  • Secondary Role: Research & Development of collaborators, podcasters, social media opportunity. 

4. Copywriting Intern {20% Whiskey & Work, 80% KelseyMurphy.com}

  • Main Role: Write fun, insightful (slightly sassy) content for Instagram, Facebook, website, product copy along with PR pitches and article content.
  • Secondary Role: Work with podcasting team to write show notes and help develop outlines.

Mandatory Skills/Qualifications

  • #1 HUGE GO GETTER (like, UUUGGGEEE) – a self-starter & ability to always be one step ahead.  You'll be expected to own and run projects, so you gotta be up for taking some risks and running the show. 
  • #2 HUNGRY TO LEARN – we're always happy to teach you anything you don't know, but we need you to be eager to hit the ground running and hungry to learn.
  • #3 IN IT TO WIN IT - we bring on interns for 12 months, that's right... a whole year because we want them to be part of our team. 

Other Important Details 

  • We work to create the ideal Internship & Title for you based off your passions and desires for next steps.
  • You'll work side by side together, so there will be opportunity to touch multiple projects based off what you want to learn. 
  • Yes, you'll get some free Career Coaching out of this - Kelsey always helps her Interns find jobs they love. 
  • We look for Interns who want to stay with us for 6-12 months (10-12 hour per week). 
  • The position is unpaid, but school credit is available.
  • Intern State Date is June 1st (training begins May 15th).  

Sound perfect for you?  Apply below! 

*NOTE: You will receive next steps for applying as soon as you click submit.

Name *
#1: Do you have experience with SquareSpace? Please explain. #2: Please describe your favourite project you have worked on in SS. #3: Please send us an example of your SS work to hello (at) kelseymurphy.com
#1: Do you have experience in Photoshop or InDesign? Please explain. #2: Please describe your favourite project you have designed. #3: Please send us an example of your design work to hello (at) kelseymurphy.com
#1: Are you able to present and research Instagram & Instastory analytics & strategy? #2: Please send 10 IG profiles that would be a good fit to collaborate with the KelseyMurphy.com brand (plus your own personal IG handle). #3: Please email us 2 ways you'd like to help us build and grow our IG community along with your resume to hello (at) kelseymurphy.com
#1: Please describe your favourite project you have worked on / writen for. #2: Please send us 3 writing samples of your work and resume to hello (at) kelseymurphy.com