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Work and life are not like Yin and Yang. 

Ethereal cosmic forces that must be kept in perfect balance.

It's more like work is flour, and life is a cake.

It’s a key ingredient, but there’s so much more to it. 

And if your cake is all flour then, well, gross.

Creating Space for the meaningful things


Creating Space for the meaningful things

kelsey murphy

I fell in love with the idea of living “simply” after traveling 6 months (through snow and hot sun) with one small carry-on bag. #hellowoolite

Let’s be honest… it was NOT a piece of cake. It was actually terrifying – and I fully expected to buy another bag while over there.

But I didn’t. 

Instead I found myself thinking less about my clothes, more about the people I met.

A simple uncluttered bag, lead to a simple uncluttered life.

One that was full of meaning and all the good, juicy stuff we crave.

Less rushing, more breathing.

I started to notice the simple things that made me happy.

A stranger opening my door or a smile from the local barista.

The less “stuff” I had, the more clarity I gained on what really made me happy.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hoffman

So this week I’ll be creating space in my mind, heart, and closet for the meaningful things.

Your task this morning?


Make room for the stuff that matters today.

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