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Work and life are not like Yin and Yang. 

Ethereal cosmic forces that must be kept in perfect balance.

It's more like work is flour, and life is a cake.

It’s a key ingredient, but there’s so much more to it. 

And if your cake is all flour then, well, gross.

Embarrassment & Failure (plus Michael Jordan)


Embarrassment & Failure (plus Michael Jordan)

kelsey murphy

Remember when Michael Jordan tried to play baseball?

Some called it a failure. Some a success.

But one thing is for sure. He went 0 for 3, and lost by 10 his first game (trivia to impress boyfriend with).

It was ugly, and the press tore him apart.

What he said after the game is why this guy is my hero.

When asked how he felt, he didn’t say “disappointed” or “embarrassed”, he said,


Relieved to get those moments out of the way.

It got me thinking…

How many times do we hold ourselves back for fear of looking dumb?

We hold back from striking up a convo with a cute stranger, asking for that promotion, or starting that blog?

Just the other day I sent out an email to hundreds of ya’ll referring to “Meditation” as “Mediation”. #damnyouautocorrect

I’ll wear that one like a badge of honor. My first (and probably not my last) misspelled email.

Not only did I survive, but I learned a little bit about my process. #lesswine

The struggle is part of our story.

Spelling a major word wrong to over 500 people could be really embarrassing, or a really funny story.

Let’s make more funny stories, and live life louder.

Anything you’re nervous to do, but know it would be AWESOME?

Be brave today.



IMAGE CREDIT: inspiredbythis.com

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